Hung Parliaments – How are they Resolved?

A helpful guide to this whole mess. Continue reading Hung Parliaments – How are they Resolved?


On Fox-Hunting

Theresa May has announced she intends to legalise fox-hunting in the UK. For those unaware of this ‘tradition’, I’m not referring to men in coonskin hats crouching in the bushes with rifles. If we were talking about just shooting the fox that raids your chicken coop, there would be no issue.   No. I’m talking about the blood-sport that is fox-hunting: the social gatherings of … Continue reading On Fox-Hunting

Movement and Ideology. [Part 1 – The Right to Offence]

First of all, sorry for the lack of content over the past few weeks! University work, and preparations for my charity fundraiser in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, have been exhausting. Moving away from Undertale (sorry, people!), I did find time to jot down some thoughts on an important issue of this era. These thoughts became an essay, which is still too small to … Continue reading Movement and Ideology. [Part 1 – The Right to Offence]

Perfect Government

[British and World Politics] The historical emergence of democracy is often associated with the shift in the ownership of knowledge from an elitist core to the common masses, elevating those below to stand – at least intellectually – beside their former betters in the march towards a brighter future. In modern times, everyone in the West has access to the knowledge they need to make … Continue reading Perfect Government