The Click Economy

Facebook is part of life. There’s no shame in admitting it: I use it, you probably use it, and, like many things in life, it wants our money. From ‘free’ games to clickbait, Facebook is full of user traps that can and will harm you – however small or inoffensive that harm is. Facebook will store more of your personal information than is necessarily legal; … Continue reading The Click Economy

Nier: Automata – Review/Summary.

Nier: Automata Review/Summary.     At the time of writing, I have completed Endings A, B, C, D, and E; plus several of the ‘joke endings.’ This review contains SPOILERS for all of them, and for 2010’s NieR. If you haven’t played both games yet, please close this page before it’s too late.     Gameplay. Nier: Automata is the latest instalment in the long-running … Continue reading Nier: Automata – Review/Summary.

Movement and Ideology. [Part 1 – The Right to Offence]

First of all, sorry for the lack of content over the past few weeks! University work, and preparations for my charity fundraiser in aid of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, have been exhausting. Moving away from Undertale (sorry, people!), I did find time to jot down some thoughts on an important issue of this era. These thoughts became an essay, which is still too small to … Continue reading Movement and Ideology. [Part 1 – The Right to Offence]

WHAT CAN THE HARVEST HOPE FOR (a goodbye for Terry Pratchett).

“Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape.” -Terry Pratchett. Death is a funny thing. I don’t think anybody really believes in it, because it is a truth, and we humans are very good at ignoring those. Lies are our forte. After all, we invented them. Before us, the universe was chaos, as true as … Continue reading WHAT CAN THE HARVEST HOPE FOR (a goodbye for Terry Pratchett).

Perfect Government

[British and World Politics] The historical emergence of democracy is often associated with the shift in the ownership of knowledge from an elitist core to the common masses, elevating those below to stand – at least intellectually – beside their former betters in the march towards a brighter future. In modern times, everyone in the West has access to the knowledge they need to make … Continue reading Perfect Government

The Outsider

Let’s step outside the box. The Outsider, as a character trope, has existed since before written history. Ancient South American folktales speak of the Coyote figure, a trickster spirit or spiritual guide offering new perspectives. Cross half the world to ancient Scandinavia, and the Viking Sagas tell of the meddler Loki, who, not quite a god, stands outside the pantheon, and yet whose schemes affect … Continue reading The Outsider