MacGuffin Site Review

Despite the Internet’s rapid growth, there have always been few options for the needy reader. is divisive for those who want original stories, while various short-fiction projects on Twitter leave much to be desired. One could always buy an e-reader, which takes up space in one’s pack and makes space in one’s wallet – but the Kindle is a commuter’s device, and there lies its flaw. A book takes commitment, hardly suited to a single journey; so what of those who want a beginning, middle, and an end, all in one sitting?
Is there a place to find the stories without buying the gadgets?

MacGuffin is a site to fulfil these needs. You can access it from your laptop, iPhone, or Android for free – all it needs is a simple registration, and you will gain access to a huge repository of stories in text and audio.
You can search by tag for theme, genre, or even length, for those readers who want a 10-minute story to fill their commute. The rating system allows users to find top-quality stories, with statistics such as average reading/listening time to show you whether a story is often completed, or abandoned halfway through. All these features combine to ensure you are choosing a story that suits your tastes; quality guaranteed through the user-base.
Works range from Shakespearean poetry to famous modern fiction, to stories posted by users. With such a wide diversity of works, you will be able to find a story that suits you, no matter your preference.

As a blog writer and author, I personally find MacGuffin an exciting prospect. Platforms for sharing work are invaluable for writers, and this particular one is comprehensive and user-friendly. WordPress bloggers, in particular, will be pleased to find their accounts link via email, although I have yet to find a use for this.

While the reader experience offered by MacGuffin is superb, I encountered a problem that may hinder authors. As I attempted to re-publish one of my blog pieces on the site, I found that a piece cannot be published without providing an audio version. For authors without voice-recording software or know-how, this makes MacGuffin essentially inaccessible.
As the site is new, I hope this problem will be solved soon, as I would love to take advantage of the benefits MacGuffin offers. It fills a role that readers have been (silently) begging for, and could be the new go-to for commute readers.

The web address is, or you can find it on the App Store by searching ‘MacGuffin Stories’.


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